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What to expect of your TAA ballooning adventure

We will plan to check in with you three days (and again one day) before your scheduled flight to answer any questions you might have and advise you on weather conditions.  Safety is the primary consideration for all flights so flights may be rescheduled (at pilot's sole discretion) so as to avoid high winds, mist, rain, lightening, or fog conditions. 

We generally meet 30 minutes before sunrise in front of Steve & Barry's Sporting Goods Store (previously Mervyn's) at the West Oaks Mall Parking Lot  in Houston, Texas unless agreed otherwise.  We will confirm the exact meeting time when you make your reservation.

Dress comfortably for a few hours of being on your feet outdoors.  Long pants and comfortable/sturdy shoes (preferably tennis shoes, walking shoes, or hiking boots that you don't mind getting muddy or wet) are recommended.  For passenger safety, high heels and flip-flops are not allowed.  Clients should dress (in layers) to compensate for temperature changes during the day.  (Note - There is typically only 3-5 degrees difference in temperature between the ground and your maximum flying altitude.  Also, although some heat given off by the propane burners, it is typically not enough to make a difference in your dress.) 

Your safety and comfort is our greatest concern. We do not recommend that passengers that are pregnant or have any physical impairment or health problems that limit their ability to get into the basket, hold onto the basket, brace their body for landing, or walk from the basket to the chase vehicle) fly. 

We will be photographing your entire balloon ride experience and will provide you with a complementary CD within about a week of the site.  We will also bring an ice chest of cold beverages (soda and water) to make your experience most enjoyable.  With that said, you are welcome to bring your own camera.

We feel it is important for you to be an informed passenger and understand the nature and risk associated with the sport of ballooning.  You will be required to read and sign a consent formSigning this form is a condition of riding the balloon.  Also, please bring any flight certificates that you pre- purchased for your balloon flight.  Only original copies of gift certificates will be honored.

We have provided answers to our most commonly asked questions at our FAQ link.  If you have other questions, please call or email Texas Air Adventures


Where We Meet


We meet at the Northwest corner of the West Oaks Mall parking lot near Steve & Barry's Sporting Goods Store.  The West Oaks Mall is located at the corner of Westheimer Pkwy & Hwy 6. 


Our Cover Girl

Texas Highways
featured our beautiful Blew Bayou balloon on the cover of it's August, 2002 magazine.  What an honor!


Texas Air Adventures, Houston, Tx  /  Phone:  281.379.3165  /  Email us at:  Info@TexasAA.Com

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